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portfolios: websites and blogs

Here are some of our favorite projects. Click a thumbnail image to view the desired website. A new window will open displaying the live website and/or blog.


Examples include both HTML and HTML/PHP hybrid websites. These sites include slide shows and/or other interactive elements without using Flash.


Some blogs function as standalone websites. Others are seamlessly integrated within a full HTML website. Here are examples of both.

what's the difference?

One of the key differences between a website and a blog is how website content is updated after your new site is launched.


  • websites are simpler to develop
  • clients need to purchase software (or hire us) to change text and/or photos in the future


  • blogs empower clients to easily update text and/or photos after the initial design is complete
  • blogs take longer to produce
  • blogs are websites (how the site looks, menus, slide shows, etc.) plus the ability to change content easily (without breaking any of the underlying design)